Minereum Launches Crypto Bond With up To 50% Yield

Minereum, the project behind the first self-mining smart contract, has released a new crypto bond allowing investors to earn up to 50% a year on their digital assets. The Minereum Crypto Bond is described as a blockchain experiment to prove that it is technically possible to bring traditional bond functionalities into a distributed ledger. This is an exciting offer for savers and a major development in the growing DeFi space.

Earn up to 50% a Year With the Minereum Crypto Bond

Minereum has recently announced to the community that its new Crypto Bond is now live. Traditional bonds are considered to be among the safest and most predictable securities among long term investors, but they were always dependent on trusting centralized issuers such as municipalities, governments and corporations to not default on their debt. Minereum solved this issue by bringing bonds into the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and pioneering bonds guaranteed by indisputable software code instead of just promises.

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Launched in April 2017 with an airdrop as the first self-mining smart contract, Minereum allows users to generate new coins without the need for crypto mining equipment, letting the code do all the work. The project has undergone a new airdrop in March 2020 with about 1.2 million addresses participating, adding a variety of new features such as decentralized trading, staking and a provably fair on-chain Lucky Draw game.

How the Minereum Crypto Bond Works

Similar to traditional bonds, the Minereum Crypto Bond has three factors that investors need to understand: Maturity, Yield and the Bond value. Maturity is the duration of the bond, which you can currently choose to be between 1, 3 and 5 years. Value is the amount of MNE you want to invest in the bond. Yield is paid out to you yearly for the duration of the bond you choose. Once you generate a bond, the yield is fixed based on the selected duration and never changes.

There are 3 available yields to start with: 30% for 1 year maturity, 40% for 3 years and an incredible 50% for 5 years. If you are not familiar with how bonds work this means that by investing 100 MNE in a bond you can earn 50 MNE each year for 5 years and when the bond expires you also get back the 100 MNE you invested. Minereum explained that yields are planned to decrease over time for new bonds so hurry to invest if you want to take advantage of these terms (they can’t change for generated bonds).

An important difference from traditional bonds is that in the Minereum Crypto Bond there is no debt, your tokens will simply be locked for the duration of the bond. Additionally, Minereum is not a centralized company, but a decentralized smart contract on the ether blockchain. To participate in this offer all you will need is a web3 wallet such as Metamask for desktop or Coinbase Wallet for mobile devices, and the amount of MNE wanted for investing in the ethereum address you are using in your web3 browser. If you don’t have MNE yet, you can simply buy it on Livecoin.net, the MNE DEX and Uniswap Exchange.

To learn more about Minereum and how you can invest in the new MNE Crypto Bond visit the project’s website at www.minereum.com and get involved with the community.

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