MingoCoin Announces Future Plans with Token Presale around the Corner

The days of mobile carrier Short Messaging Service is numbered as people have increasingly adopted instant messaging applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others. These services are cost effective, convenient and have loads of features. However, except for few test instances, none of them really allow people to securely and privately execute financial transactions.

MINGO, the cryptocurrency platform has set out to change this by creating its own version of a secure messaging application that not only allows people to communicate, but also send money to each other, in the form of cryptocurrencies. This is just the beginning as the platform has many other plans as well. In the near future, it will be launching state-of-the art crypto-wallet with multi-currency support. With the latest updates to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency blockchains, the MINGO wallets will be compatible with Lightning and Plasma networks enabling transactions with least possible network fees.

The MINGO ecosystem will be powered by its own cryptocurrency, MingoCoin — an ERC20 cryptotoken built over Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are set to be introduced soon as the platform is gearing up for the Pre-ICO, which will be followed by the main crowdsale. Developed over the past two years, the MINGO messaging application is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store. The app has garnered a lot of interest in less than 15 days as the number of downloads during this period as crossed 50,000 already.

The Mingo Token sale will go live in the next 11 days with exciting early bird bonus. The discounts will range between 60% on the first day of the token sale to 20% by the end of first ten days. Participants in the MGT token pre-sale will be able to purchase 5000 tokens at the price of 1 ETH once the bonus offer is over.

Those interested in participating in the token pre-sale can find more information about it on the website. The MingoCoin pre-sale is expected to attract the participation of many strategic partners, which also increases the possibility of the campaign hitting the hard cap of EUR 8 million within days, if not hours.

More information about MINGO platform and the crowdsale is available on MingoCoin website.

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