NEOUSD, IOTUSD and DASHUSD leads ALT-Coins Depreciation


NEOUSD Daily Chart for 21.10.2017

Depending on your perspective, this recent NEOUSD bear run is just the second wave of a larger NEO depreciation. Pasting a Fibonacci retracement tool from 15.09.2017 lows of $13 and 14.08.2017 highs of $58 shows that 02.10.2017 and 08.10.2017 highs of $40 represents a 60% correction from $13. NEO bears are in charge as their is a break below yesterday’s minor support of $28. A stochastics sell signal is also in place complementing yesterday’s bear volatility which saw NEO move $6. In light of this, I advocate for NEOUSD short positions going forward.


DASHUSD Daily Chart
DASHUSD Daily Chart for 21.10.2017

Yesterday, USD bulls moved DASHUSD in two levels yesterday. First off, USD bulls were in charge and the minor support level at around $290 was broken two. As support was broken, DASHUSD moved $54. Secondly, look at the above-average bear volumes which pushed bear momentum further leading to that stochastics sell signal. You also notice that over the past 7 days or so, DASH lower lows closed below the 20 period MA. As there is a break below support and a stochastic sell signal turning from over bought territory, I recommend sells.


IOTAUSD Daily Chart
IOTAUSD Daily Chart for 21.10.2017

So, as per yesterday’s recommendation, IOTUSD continue to trend lower. USD bulls are pushing prices lower and especially towards the lower BB relative to the 20 period MA. Bear volumes surged, moving IOTUSD $0.05 and towards the support trend line of $0.38. As a USD bull, I will target $0.25 as participants are dumping IOT at the moment.


Monero Daily Chart
Monero Daily Chart for 20.10.2017

Yesterday, I was quick to highlight how 02.10.2017 lows is turning out to be a minor support. Well, it is. Even though USD bulls took over as today’s session opened, it wasn’t the same yesterday. As a result, Monero bulls tried to keep Monero above $87 resulting in that bullish inverted hammer with long upper wick. Often, such candlestick characteristics hint at sell pressure.  That is why Monero prices are collapsing as I type this. So long as prices are within this $20 range, Monero sellers should aim at $75-$80 support zone.


LSKUSD Daily Chart
LSKUSD Daily Chart for 21.10.2017

LSK bears pushed prices below $4.7 which as indicated, was our minor support trend line. As 20.10.2017 candlestick closed, our support break below condition had been met. Because LISK managed to stay below $5.5- marked by the 20 period MA and the resistance trend line, sellers should be in charge. LSKUSD sellers should aim at $4.1 support with further swings at $2.5.

All charts courtesy of Trading View


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