No Tech Expertise Needed for Mining Cryptocurrencies on easyMINE, ICO Underway

Mining is one of the essential operations in the cryptocurrency industry, which also happens to be energy and cost intensive. easyMINE seeks to create a platform that will make it easy for small- to medium-sized entities to mine cryptocurrencies with ease. The aim of the platform is to remove the jargon and technicalities from mining operations. easyMINE aims to create a leveled environment in which players can easily mine cryptocurrencies of their choice through just a few simple clicks. Miners can easily set up their mining rigs and manage them with little or no technical knowledge.

easyMINE has been designed with the end user in mind. What the developers seek to do is to create a clean and straightforward platform that is easy to use. Newbies can simply let the rigs run by themselves, automatically. The system has been configured to automatically look for the best cryptocurrencies to mine to ensure maximum profits for users at all times. Advanced users, on the other hand, can enjoy precise control over the mining process, as well as a variety of monitoring and reporting tools.

In order to make its mission of enabling everyone to mine cryptocurrencies successful, easyMINE is holding a token sale. Those who would like to be part of this initiative can participate in the crowdsale and purchase EMT tokens. The tokens are the preferred method of transaction over the platform and will also be tradeable against other cryptos at a later date. The sale is scheduled to end on October 21.

When it comes to crowdsales, there is always some apprehension about a project’s credibility. Considering the growing number of fraudulent ICOs, one can’t blame the community for having their doubts. This is why it’s important to emphasize that the technology enthusiast and entrepreneurs behind easyMINE have been in business for over a decade and worked on a variety of projects. Each team member brings to the table their own expertise in industries like e-commerce, financial systems management, systems security, mobile applications, etc.

Moreover, the team’s involvement in cryptocurrency mining helps them understand the challenges faced by the community when it comes to setting up and managing mining rigs. The easyMINE software is built by miners for miners—and it is already running over 100 rigs at the team’s own mining facility.

Another important factor is the progress of the project itself. Where many projects attempt to raise millions of dollars armed with nothing more than a concept and a whitepaper, easyMINE is already operational and entering the beta testing phase. The platform is currently undergoing hardware compatibility tests, and the team expect that it will control more than 1,000 mining rigs by the end of the year.

The easyMINE system will soon be available in public beta, where everyone will be able to download and use it. As the developers work on further improving the software and fixing any remaining issues, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in the crowdsale and become part of the exciting project.

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