OREN Platform – The Complete Boxed Solution for Online Gaming.

Connecting Gamers, Game Developers and Game Publishing Platforms Globally.

According to newzoo’s recent statistics around 2.2 billion people play games every day. With such massive player base comes huge revenue. Around 100 billion dollars was generated by the gaming industry in 2016 alone. It’s not just the video game industry, but sports such as soccer and basketball also generates huge amounts of money. In both cases the players are doing the exact same thing, playing the games they love. Now here is the catch; basketball and soccer athletes get their fair share of revenue, but do the gamers get the same?

Even with all these “great achievements” from the gaming industry, we do see a lot of backlashes on the game developer’s community. Only a handful number of game publishing platforms control and monopolize the whole market. A lot of these platforms don’t allow many countries to open merchant accounts, which means game developers can’t earn any revenues from their games. Google, being one of the world’s top tech giant, controlling almost the whole of the mobile game industry through its Play Store, doesn’t allow 74 countries to open merchant accounts. Platforms such as Steam, Play Station, Apple’s App Store, etc. have even higher restrictions. On top of that, there are always problems such as payout delays, chargebacks, and the most notable of all is the huge cuts on revenues in the name of “revenue sharing model”.

Presenting OREN, a revolutionary new platform bringing gamers, game developers and game publishing platforms under one roof, so that they can evolve in the online gaming industry with the power of block-chain by their side. What differentiates it from other Block-chain based game projects is that it is a universal game platform. It is more like the Ethereum of Block-chain based online game solution where anything can be integrated. OREN was not built with a specific game in mind but rather a platform where any type of games can be built.

Oren is not just a platform to connect gamers, developers and publishing platforms, but also a self-sustainable arena which comes with extraordinary services such as decentralized game streaming, encrypted communication system, auto prize pool distribution for competitive gaming, piracy protection, crowdfunding platform for game projects, mechanism to protect the coin value from market dumps, built in decentralized exchange and so much more. It also provides a revolutionary peer to peer platform where all the participants can gain monetary value for time, skills and creativity.

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