PR: B2Broker ICO Will Unite Cryptocurrency World

Everybody noticed the booming of cryptocurrency market and many of them want to earn on that. How to enter the crypto market quickly and at a fair price?

On October 2, B2Broker launches the ICO for the first cryptocurrency exchange project for institutional customers. B2BX will become a marketplace for regulated and certified brokers that combine bitcoin trading with existing retail forex trading solutions.

This new B2BX exchange-aggregator will give broker’s customers the access to comprehensive information of listing participants and cryptocurrency trading through usual trading terminals, where a trader will be able to buy, sell, deposit and withdraw the profit in cryptocurrency from trading accounts of brokers.

B2BX Product Is Already Tested

“Now institutional customers have to aggregate the liquidity bit by bit, and we give the fullest market depth and volume for selling and buying. Fiat market has everything under control now, but the cryptocurrency space is just starting to be discovered,” comments Arthur Azizov, the CEO of B2Broker.

The developed by B2Broker cryptocurrency exchange may resolve not only this problem, but many others including the issues of regulation and software development aiming to facilitate the integration with any broker or exchange system.

What’s very important, the B2BX product is ready, and is at the testing stage, meaning it has all the basic functions as well as connectors to 5 cryptocurrency exchanges. Right now 12 customers already work with the product!

Later the aggregator will be developed into institutional marketplace where only licensed participants can operate. Brokers, banks, funds will be controlled by the exchange and financial regulators. The crypto exchange will become a warrant of good reputation and reliability of participating brokers.

B2BX Token Sale

The B2BX token sale is slated to begin October 2, 2017, and will end on November 17th, 2017. There is also a Pre-ICO starting from September, 13 and ending on September 29th, 2017, during which tokens will be available for limited number of investors with a discount of 35%. The maximum volume for Pre-ICO sale is one million euros.
Issue — 50 mln tokens

Token distribution

Crowdsale Participants — 40 mln (80%)
Company — 5 mln (10%)
Team — 4 mln (8%)
Baunty, PR — 1 mln (2%)

One important point considering the B2BX ICO must be noted: B2BX tokens cannot be purchased or held by residents of countries where the sale of tokens may require registration as a security. This means that those living in countries like the United States and Singapore cannot participate in the B2BX token sale.

5 Reasons of B2BX Token Appreciation

1. Upon the ICO end, B2BX token will trade at every cryptocurrency exchange built within the Turnkey Cryptocurrency Exchange service.
2. Upon the ICO end, B2BX token will trade at several major exchanges included in TOP-15 list generated by CoinMarketCap.
3. B2BX token liquidity will be provided through major aggregators (integral, Prime XM, oneZero).
4. Part of B2BX tokens distributed between the participants of our team will not be available at secondary market during half of a year since the ICO end.
5. Upon the ICO end, project team may give to B2BX token holders a priority status, in case they choose to buy products and services stated in White Paper of the ICO.
Who is B2Broker?

B2Broker is the platform for companies which want to launch its broker or trading business. The company offers “turnkey” projects for startups, beginners and large institutional customers. Moreover B2Broker can also offer individual solutions.

Since 2014, it has helped to kick start from the ground more than 30 hi-tech broker companies in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, India, Australia and Cyprus. The company integrated specific software for online trading and set up IT infrastructure.

Now it keeps going in two directions:

1. Tech solutions provider. It builds technological base – IT and trading infrastructure for broker companies and other financial institutes.
2. Liquidity provider. It aggregates Forex and cryptocurrency liquidity. With fiat currencies B2Broker has Integral as an aggregator, and in cryptocurrency field it works as an aggregator itself.

B2Broker Mission

B2Broker mission is to provide brokers and all institutional customers with cryptocurrency liquidity, to give good market depth for cryptocurrencies and to unite brokers at one market place. The company is committed to make crypto industry transparent and open the market of cryptocurrencies for general market, facilitating trading, investment and cryptocurrency exchange at any broker, exchange and exchanger. This is what the market needs right now.

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