Real Estate and Blockchain Technology

A short conversation with any real estate agent or account representative will quickly degenerate into a gripe session about low-quality technology and difficulty with managing contracts. It’s no secret that the industry is ripe for change, and that change will come sooner rather than later.

The first sign of movement is the growth of the Airbnb model, allowing moderate peer to peer connectivity, and making a system that allows users to have more freedom of choice. But Airbnb is still a tiny blip in the massive $217 tln global real estate market. Granted, a blip of something massive is still big, but the opportunity for change is clear.

ATLANT, a new and powerful Blockchain technology platform for real estate, believes that Airbnb is onto something, but can’t take it to the level that the public desires. The company is planning to create a fully decentralized real estate ecosystem where clients have the power to buy, sell, and rent property without the profiteering of centralized hubs or brokers.

Tokenize it

Selling property is clearly a complex process. When a seller wants to liquidate a piece of real estate, especially of substantial value, the asset must be placed on the market, advertised, and, when a buyer is found, sold. The process of transfer takes extensive time and money as well.

ATLANT has created a system that allows sellers to tokenize their asset, effectively treating it like a stock sale, and liquidating that asset through a token sale within the platform. The tokens the seller collects can be exchanged for fiat currency, and the buyers own a percentage stake in the property.

Brokers, escrows and closing costs are all virtually eliminated. The process is rapid and succinct, and the transfer is complete within days rather than months. Built with excellent technological resources, the ATLANT platform is more than just another ICO. It is a revolutionary marketplace for exchanging real assets fluidly.

Decentralize it

More than just a place to buy and sell, ATLANT is creating a system that will outdo corporate rental hubs at their own game. The beauty of a peer to peer system is that it removes the middleman, and through technology creates a connection between parties on either side of a contract.

ATLANT has created a system where tenants can find rentals directly from owners, then create and conclude a rental contract without having to leave the ATLANT ecosystem. Without the complexity of a centralized hub, costs for clients drop drastically, and both renters and landlords are happier. ATLANT’s system is poised to change the way rentals are found, worldwide.

The company has an ICO starting Sept. 7 and concluding Oct. 7. Interested parties will be able to acquire ATLANT’s token, the ATL, which will be used as the internal currency for transactions on the platform. Buyers can receive up to a 19 percent bonus for joining in the first 10 percent of tokens sold.


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