SimpleFX to Add Turbo Crypto Indexes

Trading cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin is now very popular. However, there are not many forex brokers who provide sophisticated and comprehensive crypto feeds like SimpleFX. Moreover, this broker launched a new breakthrough — Crypto Indexes.

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges, and the movement in each exchange is not necessarily the same. For example, on one crypto exchange Bitcoin price rises only by two dollars, on another exchange may rise five dollars. This can lead to analytical gap analysis for traders.

Crypto Indexes are designed based on the average price of various crypto currency exchanges. Thus, the SimpleFX chart displays the real price trends in the market globally, rather than representing only a single exchange. Turbo Crypto Indexes are available for these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Ripple.

In addition, the latest features of the SimpleFX broker have the following characteristics: high liquidity, ultra-fast data feed and faster order execution. SimpleFX broker cooperate with only well-known and highly reputed cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a result, prices on crypto-currencies charts move up to 50 times faster than before! With prices moving faster, then traders will get more opportunities for trading. Moreover, these cryptocurrencies are among the largest and most prominent in the world. Year by year, their value against the US Dollar and other conventional currencies continue to increase. Interested? Check Crypto Indexes directly on the SimpleFX platform.

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