Star Jets International Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments


Star Jets International LLC now accepts bitcoin payments for private jet flights. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. Customers who use Star Jets get to leverage all the advantages of using a corporate jet, according to an Econotimes article. 

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Furthermore, customers have access to over 5,000 jets domestically and roughly 15,000 across the globe. The company allowing bitcoin transactions may now open up a new realm of possibilities for the company along with a new customer base.

Star Jets International Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is Becoming Increasingly Accepted

The CEO of Star Jets, Ricky Sitomer, mentioned bitcoin is becoming a more widely adopted method of payment and their company would be remiss not to get involved. He elaborated:

Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly accepted method of payment and we want our customers to have the flexibility to pay via that medium of exchange.

The company also unveiled they are removing the “stop sign” on their stock. They are doing this partly by changing their company name to Star Jets International, Inc.

Along with accepting bitcoin, these steps seem geared toward increasing the profitability of the company and keeping it competitive in the digital age.

Aviation and Bitcoin Acceptance

Overall, there have not been many large players in the aviation or commercial flights industry to begin accepting bitcoin. The mood appears to be changing, though. Back in May, Japanese airlines Peach Aviation began accepting bitcoin payments. covered the story.

Star Jets International Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

“Bitcoin is surging in Japan in regards to popularity and trade volume, since the country legitimized the digital currency as a legal form of payment this past April. Now one of Japan’s largest discount airline providers Peach Aviation Ltd. has announced it will be the first Japanese service to accept bitcoin for airline tickets.”

As for private jet companies, Star Jets is one of the few that accept bitcoin. Prior to them, out of the UK also began accepting it. Hopefully, more private flight businesses will began allowing customers to transact with the digital currency.

What do you think about Star Jets accepting bitcoin? Is it good that more private jet companies are getting involved with bitcoin? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock and Star Jets

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