Switzerland has a new CryptoPolis

Beginning January 2018, Chiasso, Switzerland will allow its citizens to pay taxes in Bitcoin, following the lead of Zug.

This news came earlier today thanks to an executive note published by the municipality of Chiasso. The city likely aims to surpass its rival Zug, also known as the CryptoValley, by accepting Bitcoin as a method of payments for taxes for a value of up to 250 CHF, versus the 200 CHF limit imposed by Zug.

As you can read in the official note, the Chiasso Mayor met a group of local entrepreneurs who have chosen this border town to locate their businesses. These entrepreneurs include the Digital Identity team, in the person of Natale Ferrara, Andrea Benetton, Paolo Barrai.

Also, the new “CryptoPolis” sees participation of a few important people and companies in the Blockchain industry including Eidoo, CryptoLab and Giacomo Zucco, known for his involvement in the Italian-based BHB. The mayor Chiasso stated:

“Today, there is an internationally acknowledged community in Chiasso, which is the epicenter of a movement of technological and economic growth for the Canton and for the whole Switzerland too. In the last months, 8 startups have chosen Chiasso to carry out their business and more negotiations are underway with other companies coming from Europe.”

The executive also states that it will considerparticipating as a founding partner in the formation of a new non-profit foundation based in Chiasso, which will involve some of the top exponents of this disruptive technology.

The municipality will also regularly host meetups dedicated to this topic, which will be attended by international representatives starting from October 2017.