TaaS Partners With Matchpool to Facilitate Connections in Cryptospace

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Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets, announced today it has begun a strategic partnership with Matchpool, the first platform for mainstream matchmaking powered by a cryptographic token economy.

Matchpool uses group dynamics to assist participants to match with each other and runs using a decentralized matchmaking protocol. Matchpool seeks to provide a generic platform for matchmakers, allowing anyone to create their own community ‘pool’ for free and invite members to that pool. End users will be able to find connections on the app through joining pools that best cater to them and their needs.

The platform utilizes Ethereum smart contracts to handle trust-sensitive ownership, providing reward structures as well as the core game logic allowing it all to work. Matchpool currently has a two-year roadmap in place for launching and scaling the network too, including a detailed specification of the Guppy token (GUP), which will play an integral role in its development.

Co-Founder and CEO of Matchpool Yonatan Ben Shimon explains:

Matchpool aims to make the world more synchronistic and connected within communities by creating a fair, incentive-based platform. We are excited to partner with TaaS, the fund that has already made progress in building a strong community of investors and enthusiasts. This cooperation will play a crucial part in the process of uniting the crypto world.

Taas Partnership, Matchpool Platform Launch and Features

TaaS has decided to become an official strategic partner with Matchpool who recently launched Matchpool Alpha 1.0. As of today, the platform already has all the basic features in place to create and interact with pools. The strategic partnership includes creating pools which represent investor groups.

TaaS aims to start private and public communities based around an interest in contributing to blockchain Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). A many-to-many pool for a private group of investors would be created to share ideas, suggestions and pitch ICOs. A one-to-many pool for the general public would be a place to offer projects to contribute on favorable terms.

Looking to the Future

According to TaaS co-founder Dimitrii Chupryna:

The strategic partnership between Matchpool and TaaS allows for further development of cryptospace infrastructure. Through creating pools based on Matchpool’s platform, the public acquires like-minded communities to network with, as well as access blockchain projects to fund.

TaaS continues to keep a close eye on the rapid evolution of crypto assets and actively invest in the most progressive innovations in the space. Besides its trading activity and long-term investment strategy, TaaS is constantly broadening its cooperation with other members of the crypto space and welcome new partnerships.