Tel Aviv Gets a New BTM and Bitcoin Museum in the Historical Bauhaus Center

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a few pictures shared across forums of a new cryptocurrency store called “Bitcoin Change” located in the well known Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv. The shop co-founded by Avner (Abe) Ziv hosts a new bitcoin automated teller machine (BTM) and will also provide a bitcoin museum featuring digital currency nostalgia and artwork.

Tel Aviv Gets a New Bitcoin ATM and Museum

This month a new bitcoin business is opening in the prominent Dizengoff Street region in Tel Aviv called “Bitcoin Change.” Over the past month, as pictures were shared across the web, bitcoiners have wondered what kind of cryptocurrency services the establishment would offer Israeli residents. Further, the store also got us here at curious because the entire shop is covered with our unique bitcoin logo designs. According to recent reports, the operation Bitcoin Change, co-founded by Abe Ziv hosts a bitcoin ATM that accepts Israeli Shekels and a few other national currencies. Alongside this, the shop will feature a historical exhibit of bitcoin innovation.   

Tel Aviv Gets a New BTM and Bitcoin Museum in the Historical Bauhaus Center

  The Bauhaus Center Shop’s Main Goal is to Make Bitcoin Accessible to All

Tel Aviv Gets a New BTM and Bitcoin Museum in the Historical Bauhaus Center
Currently, the Bitcoin Change shop in Tel Aviv is under construction until September 10, 2017.

Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv is a trendy region for tourism in Israel as Europeans, Americans and people from many other countries are frequent visitors. In an interview with the store’s operator, Ziv, the co-founder also details the shop will feature a machine that exchanges bitcoin for altcoins in the near future. Ziv explains the current bitcoin teller machine is fully compliant with Israeli AML regulations. According to residents in the area, the BTM charges a fee of 4 percent which is lower than the “Bits of Gold” Israeli bitcoin ATM that charges 5 percent.          

“The idea for the place came to me after trying to explain to my mother how to buy Bitcoin,” explains the Bitcoin Change co-founder Ziv in a recent interview. “It is currently too complex for many people to do online and mostly being done in Israel in a way that is more like buying something on the black market.”  

We are making buying bitcoin accessible to all. We are non-political and have no ideology other than that.

The Building’s Upper Level Will Host Cryptocurrency Meet-ups and Educational Seminars

In addition to providing a new BTM in the Tel Aviv area, Ziv explains the store located at 99 Dizengoff Street will also feature a bitcoin museum which aims to provide a chronological history of the decentralized currency with movies, and cryptocurrency-centric art work. Moreover, the Israeli shop’s co-founder says the upper level will host bitcoin meet-ups and educational presentations as well.