Three major trends of the future of online dating

Three major trends of the future of online dating

Futurists from psychology predict that dating services will soon become as important to us as social networks. Moreover, they will drive out the “live” dating if they don’t track them at all. And all this because dating services of the future will provide the most rapid and effective results that most closely meet the needs of the user. How do they get the hang of it? Of course, due to the high technology! Below we will name the three major trends that will dramatically change the field of dating!

It’s all about genetics

In 2014 geneticists found out that a man and a woman with similar DNA profiles choose each other as partners much more likely than those whose patterns of nucleotides are very different (so much for all the matching, that is, the choice of the pair, which seems so difficult!)

The selection of pairs based on matching each other’s DNA will also allow you to solve a number of problems, for example, to weed out potential partners, contact with whom may cause the birth of children with genetic mutations. Then all we need is to decide how to “inject” the DNA analyzer in dating service.

It’s all about physiology

Before to choose each other on genetic data, we can begin to evaluate the attractiveness of a potential partner on a physiological level, tracking, for example, body reactions of users. It is possible, for example, to integrate into a dating service a heart rate monitor or smart-watch  – they will notice which pretty or handsome one makes your pulse speed up. Brain activity and impulses, sent by it, are not so easily registered yet, but it is potentially possible. The next stage is a communication with the selected partner in virtual reality: it will be possible not just to estimate, for example, beauty and the breast size, but to touch a person, to feel his/her smell. Of course, the remote sex is not so far away, sex toys will be synchronized and controlled remotely. Such relations are absolutely safe, psychologically comfortable and, if desired, can even be anonymous.

It’s all about intelligence

Artificial intelligence will come to help in search of love. Intelligent algorithms will analyze not only what people write about themselves and what are the requirements for the partner but their entire activity within the service. Pictures on which the eye lingers longer, the search of the interests of a person depending on his dialogues, the duration of communication with a particular candidate partner, all these will be examined carefully. Later services will operate on the principle of the search engines: the user will be offered the profiles of users that fit perfectly his demands – a kind of “pop-up ads”.

Thus the system offers the user the best options, so significantly increases the likelihood of «a clean shot”. At the same time the choice is still made by a person, and not by his DNA or by  animal instinct. There is a little time left until such intellectual dating service: the project DateCoin that implements these technologies, is currently on the ICO. The Pre-sale of the tokens has successfully completed in December of 2017, the crowdsale will be held in March  of 2018. To purchase tokens and to learn more about the project on the site