U.K. risks losing AI race amid safety-over-opportunity approach

The House of Lords Committee in a report, has dismissed exaggerated fears of AI threats to human existence, urging policymakers to address more immediate concerns.

The House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee has warned that the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) approach to artificial intelligence (AI) has become too narrowly focused on AI safety and the threats the technology could pose rather than its benefits, posing a risk of losing out on the opportunities AI offers. 

In a report on AI and large language models (LLMs) – which power generative AI tools such as ChatGPT – the Lords Communications and Digital Committee said the technology would produce era-defining changes comparable with the invention of the internet.

However, the committee warned that the U.K. needs to rebalance its approach to the subject and consider the opportunities AI can offer. Otherwise, the U.K. will lose its international influence and become strategically dependent on overseas tech firms for a technology that is expected to play a vital role in daily life in the years to come.

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