UTRUST Blockchain Platform with Consumer Protection Joins Crypto Valley

Operating in the world of cryptocurrencies, UTRUST is poised to overcome the challenge of implementing customer protection measures for all transactions happening over the platform. As the company continues with the development of its one-of-a-kind payment solution, it has bolstered its credibility by making an entry into the renowned Crypto Valley in Switzerland.

While the cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow across the world, there hasn’t been much improvement in its usage trend as a medium of value exchange for everyday needs. It is mainly due to the lack of proper cryptocurrency payment channels and the apprehensions about the security and reliability of such transactions.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are known for their decentralized nature, which makes it hard to initiate payment refund or reversal automatically like in the case of fiat transactions. Also, the lack of proper cryptocurrency regulations exposes cryptocurrency users to the threat of becoming victims of fraud.

UTRUST provides a solution by becoming the world’s first cryptocurrency payment platform to include customer protection features.  The innovative solution has already gained recognition from some of the leading players in the industry including Crypto Valley – a Swiss Blockchain Technology Incubator.

UTRUST recently announced its acceptance as a corporate member of the Crypto Valley, a consortium of cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms in Zug, Switzerland which is the blockchain equivalent of Silicon Valley.

Being an independent organization, Crypto Valley enjoys a strong working relationship with various other industry leaders, businesses, and even governments. UTRUST enables the buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to pay sellers.

As the company continues with the development, UTRUST recently organized a Pre-ICO, which began on August 28, 2017, raising over $1.5 million in under two hours. With the influx of funds from the Pre-ICO and the upcoming primary ICO campaign, the platform aims to raise enough capital to establish itself as the de-facto cryptocurrency payment solution in the blockchain world.

UTRUST is on the verge of becoming a PayPal-like platform in the cryptocurrency sector. Its main goal is to provide the benefit of fast, highly secure and convenient cryptocurrency transactions that allows consumers to embrace blockchain technology with open arms. For the buyers, UTRUST aims to minimize the risk while paying online, by providing full payment protection for purchases and acting as a mediator. It, in turn, allows customers to spend their cryptocurrency across more outlets.

On the other hand, for merchants, UTRUST aims to provide a way to expand their client base by targeting a wider range of audience. The merchants are given an opportunity to receive settlement in fiat currency which in turns gives UTRUST a chance to tackle one of the major issues of accepting cryptocurrencies in a highly volatile economy.

UTRUST’s membership in Crypto Valley now offers it an added advantage with access to wider markets, where Crypto Valley has its hubs established.