What are the top 5 crypto sectors to follow in 2024?

In the latest Cointelegraph Report, we uncover the five main crypto trends people should be following in 2024.

In the latest Cointelegraph Report, we highlight the crypto trends that will likely define the industry in 2024. 

Due to the combined effect of the recent approvals of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and the imminent halving, Bitcoin (BTC) will play a leading role in 2024. Predictions on how high Bitcoin’s price could go vary from $80,000, according to Bitwise Invest, to a bold million-dollar forecast from ardent BTC supporter Samson Mow.

The transfer of real-world assets onto the blockchain will likely become one of the defining trends in 2024. Tokenization allows for fractional ownership, which means breaking large assets like real estate into small pieces, thus making them more accessible to a larger public.

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