Bitcoin is a great source of investment but nowadays, bitcoin is becoming a source of different payment methods.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency is being used as an investment and as an asset as well that includes different stocks and gold.

Whenever we discuss the payment through bitcoin the only question that popup into our mind is that how and when bitcoin becomes a source of payment? Because as far generally people know so there are few highlighted methods of payment including debit/credit card and cash. However, it seems that the bitcoin payment technology took place from the very beginning when the blockchain technology was rising day by day and was proving itself a good competition for a visa, master cards, and PayPal as well.

The only problem occurs in the process of bitcoin is the issue of transaction. Bitcoins’ maximum capacity for the transaction is about 7 transactions per second. On the other side, Visa performs a transaction of about 150 mins every day and is capable of transmitting 24,000 tps.

Another question arises is that which companies do accept the transaction of bitcoin? For this purpose, research over the company is suggested.

As most of the companies do have integrated bitcoin at one point but now because of their reasons are not accepting it as a mode of payment for some time. As Steam and Valve’s video game stop allowing the payment through bitcoin in December 2017. Not only these gaming companies but DELL as well in November 2017 stopped accepting bitcoin along with a general claim that was the lack of interest.

So, there is a vast list containing different companies and industries as well that are accepting bitcoins as their mode of payment.

The most rated companies accepting bitcoins are:

  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia that serves as the world’s largest encyclopedia, do accept the donations in the bitcoin currency through BitPay service
  • Microsoft: Microsoft allows the payment through bitcoin to upgrade their accounts.
  • Amazon: Amazon known as the biggest retailer does not accept the bitcoin directly. However, if you want to buy anything through the bitcoin so you have to pay through the “Purse.io”. This site connects the people to the site of Amazon to buy their desired things.
  • Overstock: American online retailers that sell different big-ticket items into the lower prices do accept bitcoin as their mode of payment.
  • Newegg: An electronics retailer is also being a prominent proponent of the bitcoin. Many different appliances including computers, television, and different gaming consoles can be purchased by the bitcoin payment method.

The above mentioned are the known sites that do accept the payment method of bitcoin. Moreover, there are many other different sites where you can easily pay with bitcoin. Such as,

  • OkCupid (a dating website)
  • CheapAir (holiday travel agency)
  • PizzaForCoins (food delivery)
  • Zynga (mobile application)
  • Etsy (e-commerce)

How to pay with bitcoins at stores?

It is common to know that we can make payment easily online but what about the stores? How we can make payments through bitcoin if we are purchasing something from a store?

There are many different ways in which stores to accept bitcoins. Different computer applications and mobile applications do allow the QR codes to be scanned. So by scanning our QR required code, we can easily pay through our bitcoin account to the shopkeeper.

Despite online shopping and stores bitcoin payments are also used in online casinos as well.
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Some of these casinos are:

  • 1xbet
  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • William Hill