Why Bitcoin and Crypto Market Cap will Hit $1 Trillion in 2018

So here is the thing that most people don’t understand is going on when it comes to crypto currencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and especially ICO’s.

Many people are star-struck with the gains made in 2017 with $2 bln invested into ICOs and think this is a breakthrough moment. Let me tell you it is not. We haven’t seen anything yet as 2018 will dwarf 2017 advancements by a factor of x10 or x20.

In 2018 there will be $20 bln to $25 bln invested in ICOs and it won’t stop there as the major pieces start to fall into place as the real big game unfolds. Then kaaaaBOOM!

Heading to trillion

The market cap if crypto will explode and pass $500 mln, and start to head to $1 tln. But how – I hear you say? Simply through institutional money, which is ready, willing, and able to pile in.

So what happens to the price of crypto, to BTC? Doubles, trebles and more…overnight. The crypto indexes will polarise into securities that tokenise assets as well as equities, and those that don’t, with app tokens that are products and services.

How do I know? All we have to do is create the conditions. We have done just that, a new approach to ICOs starting from the perspective of regulation and compliance where we are able to meet the needs of institutional investors, which opens the flood gates.

New factors now come into play

Fractional Reserve Banking will continue to fall apart aa QE further devalues fiat currency and erodes spending power. More and more people will buy into crypto as the people look for safe havens.

Russia, Japan and other sovereign nations will issue a full central-backed cryptocurrency that will be fungible against BTC and the leading cryptos.

A new range of Blockchain/crypto funds will offer investors the opportunity to buy the market and reduce underlying volatility. Market actors make it more attractive for investors to get involved in crypto, where even a small strip will boost any portfolio’s performance.

The planets are aligning very fast as all assets and especially equities will be tokenised which will displace the Ponzi scheme VC boys once and for all, and ICOs take over as the preferred method to raise capital.

The shift is coming sooner than you think… be ready! “Ignorance is strengthened.” It is time to plan for the bigger picture and make your move…