Why Have Healthy Relationship With Money

Rule X: Plan And Work Diligently To Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Money



This writing mirrors the exact chronological structure of Beyond Order offering reflection through a Bitcoin lens. This is chapter 10 of 12. If you read the book it adds a second dimension. All quotes credited to Jordan Peterson. All reflections inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Unbearable Date

“They sit there, distant, arms crossed and eyes rolling. Neither will give an inch.”

Bitcoiners can be a handful to deal with, especially if you’re stuck with one on a date. We can’t stop blabbering about our nerd money that is going to change the world. Many dates have died at the incessant drumbeat of Bitcoin nerd money talk. It can be hard to keep a lid on obsession, especially when attention is supposed to be lavished on the person across the table rather than on Bitcoin. Be wary of becoming society’s unbearable date.

“How do you find the mystery in the other person over the long run? … For each person is in truth an unfathomable enigma.”

Bitcoiners obsess over every nuanced element of Bitcoin because while it is understandable at a high level, it seems to exist on so many planes of resolution. Falling down the rabbit hole is a continuous rediscovery over the long run. What makes it more interesting is not only the seemingly infinite depth of Bitcoin as it is, but the unlimited forward-looking potential as new layers are built on top of it. Bitcoin’s breadth and depth make it an unfathomable enigma worthwhile because its core principle is publishing the truth.