WSJ faces defamation lawsuit tied to Tether-Bitfinex article

Over a year after alleging fraud and money laundering associated with Tether-Bitfinex, the Journal has now removed any mention of Christopher Harborne and his business from the article.

The Wall Street Journal reportedly faces a defamation lawsuit for allegations made in an article published in 2023 describing illegal activities involving crypto firms Tether and Bitfinex. 

According to investigative platform OffshoreAlert, Christopher Harborne and his company AML Global Ltd filed a lawsuit in Delaware Superior Court on Feb. 28 against Dow Jones & Company, the Journal’s parent entity.

Harborne is one of the shareholders of the stablecoin issuer Tether, with nearly 13% of the crypto firm. His stake is reportedly the outcome of Bitfinex’s reimbursement plan following a hack in 2016, but he claims to hold no executive positions there.

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