Binance claims code leak on GitHub is ‘outdated,’ poses minor risk

Binance claimed the information was a “negligible risk” to users, but an earlier GitHub takedown request said it was a “significant risk” to the exchange.

Crypto exchange Binance has refuted a report claiming a “highly sensitive” cache of internal passwords and code had been exposed on GitHub for months — arguing the code was outdated and posed a “negligible risk.”

According to a Jan. 31 report from 404 Media, there was a cache of “code, infrastructure diagrams, internal passwords, and other technical information,” including information about how the exchange carries out passwords and multi-factor authentication.

The report notes that Binance successfully petitioned GitHub to scrub the files through a Jan. 24 copyright takedown request, where the exchange said the information “poses [a] significant risk” and was posted “without authorization.”

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