ETH self-staking key to ‘atomic generational wealth’ — Ethereum dev

Solo Ether staking from home could cost upward of $70,000 but could help make Ethereum more valuable in the long run.

Staking Ether (ETH) from home should be the “gold standard for staking,” and families should see it as a tool to create “atomic generational wealth,” notes an Ethereum core developer.

“Setting up a home validator could mean that your family operates that validator and secures the network for longer than a hundred years,” says Superphiz, a core developer and founding member of the ETHStaker Community in an interview with Cointelegraph.

Superphiz, who has argued for solo-staking before, started pushing the “#stakefromhome” narrative again last week when Geth — one of the network’s execution clients — reached an 84% network share among Ethereum validators.

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