Another All Time High – Bitcoin Breaks Through 5,000 USD

The price of bitcoin reached the milestone value of US$5,000 per BTC on Friday night, September 1. Bitcoin has had an outstanding run in 2017, climbing over 700% over the past eight months. Magical Internet Money Hits $5k The decentralized

How Overstock deals with volatile bitcoin prices

Bitcoin has always had a long history of volatility and is currently on a big upswing. For much of January, the cryptocurrency sat at under $1,000. Now, a single bitcoin is worth more than $4,610. This volatility may be great

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis – BCH/USD To Test $500

Key Points Bitcoin cash price declined further and traded below the $550 level against the US Dollar. This week’s highlighted a descending channel pattern with resistance near $600 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken) is still

Bitcoin Price Watch; Live Downside Entry

Somewhere around midafternoon out of Europe, the bitcoin price spiked to the upside and broke through 4600, a level we have been watching quite closely recently as one that could be pretty psychologically significant. Almost immediately subsequent to the break,

Your Bitcoin Cash is safe with – The BTC Blog

Photo courtesy of Rob Pongsajapan. On August 1st, the bitcoin fork called “Bitcoin Cash,” or “BCC,” will likely be introduced. For more information about BCC, check out Bitmain’s recent blog post. If the fork is successful, you will automatically have

Who support Bitcoin Cash (the complete list)

On Tuesday, August 1st at 4 AM (UTC), what many are describing as an altcoin will fork off from the main Bitcoin network. August 1st is also the scheduled activation of BIP 148, also known as the User Activated Soft